I asked my wife to send me photos of my natural self and this is what she sent me

I asked my wife to send me photos of myself that I would never post online or I didn’t even know were taken of me.

The photos started out super cute. I had never seen any of them, but sure enough she had them saved on her phone and she sent them all to me right after I asked her to (she was way too excited… I should have known).

Bar crawl on a Pedal Pub in Milwaukee
Our honeymoon in Playa Mujeres, Mexico
Trip to NOLA

But then this happened……

I am a corky, dorky, animal loving gal. She really did not think I was going to post these, but what type of person would I be to deny the true me?

I challenge everyone to ask a  friend to take pictures of them when they are unaware. Then, post the photos of themselves (just one, even), that shows them as their true, natural self. No staging, no “10 photo takes”. Pure, true, and beautiful.

Happy picture taking! 🙂

xxoo Taylor

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