Top 5 things to do in Las Vegas

Having just spent 8 long days in Las Vegas, as well as it being my 4th trip to Vegas, I have become more than just a tourist. There are so many things to do and that is where I come in!

The strip is home to beautiful hotels, restaurants, gorgeous clubs (say whatttt!?), the high roller, and even a mini zoo within a hotel.

#1 | Hotels

|  The Mirage |

This hotel is the most recent one I stayed in. When booking online, select VIP status. 10000000% worth the 100 dollars. With VIP, you not only get access to a private VIP check-in (saved us from standing in a line of 40 people), but you also get unlimited access to a mini fridge stocked with beer, wine, water, soda, and access to a tea/coffee machine.

We stayed in a suite. The suites have two separate bedrooms each with a full bath which has a glass shower, double sinks, and a tub. There is also a tv in each room. The main living space had a pool table, TV, super large couch, a half bath, and a kitchen area. The one downside was there was no microwave.

To checkout the Mirage more, click here —> ♥♥♥♥♥

Pool table and kitchen space inside the suite at The Mirage


|  Bellagio |

Most gorgeous view I have ever had at a hotel! I stayed here in November 2016. We grabbed some wine and sat by the windows of our room all night watching the fountains go off. The music that goes along to the fountain show can be played through the Bellagio hotel TVs.

To stay at the Bellagio, or check out the Bellagio website, click here —> ♠♠♠♠♠

Processed with MOLDIV
Sipping wine in my room at Bellagio
Processed with MOLDIV
Still cannot believe that I took this photo from my hotel room window, and on my iPhone 5s!


#2 | Restaurants

|  Eiffel Tower Restaurant |

My absolute favorite place to go when looking for a VERY fine dinning experience. Quite hefty pricing, but so delicious. My wife proposed here 🙂

Overlooking the other side of the Bellagio fountains from the hotel Bellagio view, this restaurant is the perfect spot for a sunset experience when the fountain show first starts, or even just for a drink at the bar.

For more info on The Paris Restaurant, click here —> ♣♣♣♣♣



#3 | Clubs

|  XS Nightclub at Encore |

Gorgeous club with an outdoor indoor atmosphere. The people who come here are super friendly. I talked to so many down to earth people, which is actually huge for me because I tend to be an introvert (hard to imagine, I know).

One huge perk of this club is that the bathroom attendants literally have anything and everything you could ever want. My wife and her friend like to smoke cigars and there were cigars available in the bathrooms as well as cigarettes, for free! Although you should definitely tip!!

For more info on XS Night club, click here —> ♦♦♦♦♦

XS Nightclub


#4 | High Roller

The High Roller is such a great price for what you get; a view and all you can drink (in 30 minutes). Make sure to get a drinking cart because not all carts have a bar in them.

For more info on the High Roller, click here —> ♠♠♠♠♠

img_0470.jpg   IMG_0301 (6)



#5 | Zoo

|  Zoo at The Mirage |

Such a hidden gem. This zoo is located on The Mirage grounds, outside behind the main pool. Although it costs about $20 per person, I was awed by how gorgeous this area was.

Not only is there a dolphin training area, as well as underground dolphin observation; but there is a Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden which is home to lions, tigers, and cheetahs OH MY!

To learn more about this hidden gem, click here —> ♥♥♥♥♥

Processed with MOLDIV
Literally the most gorgeous photo opportunities!
Processed with MOLDIV
Underground observation area
Processed with MOLDIV
This lion kept passing back and forth…. he looks hungry
Processed with MOLDIV
Sun bathin
Processed with MOLDIV
Another hungry kitty

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