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Winter must haves for acne prone skin

Having oily skin sucks, but you know what sucks more? Winter, acne prone, oily skin. You know the kind where you have dry flakes all over your forehead and cheeks, but your face is breaking out because your skin is naturally oily? There is literally nothing worse!

I know, I know, winter is “over” and its technically spring. But who are we kidding?? If you live in Chicago, or any of the surrounding states, or the eastern coast that just got snow last week, then you are still struggling with the face flurries as I call them; The flakey dry skin that one gets in the winter time.

But don’t worry, I have just what you need to get your skin back into shape from the cold weather this season. You only need these 3 new products, yes… only 3 products to purchase total for morning and night, not 4857349765 different lotions and potions where it takes you 20 minutes just to clean your face for bedtime. I promise, you will have your night time and morning beauty routine DONE IN UNDER 10 MINUTES!

Morning Routine

STEP 1: Wash your face

Easy enough right? This step, any face wash that is super gentle on your skin will do so grab your favorite right now and keep using it! and the best part about this step… its free!

STEP 2: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

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I only say it 3 times because it is so beyond vital to having a smooth complexion. Please, please, PLEASE DO NOT use 3X as much moisturizer because I said it 3 times… your pores will become overly clogged. All you need is the size of a dime.

I love my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This 1.7 OZ. bottle has lasted me a couple months now. I purchased mine in the Sephora checkout line for only $14.50.




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STEP 3: Prep + Prime

I have used many of different makeup primers. My go-to outside of winter primer is the SMASHBOX Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer, which you can get at Sephora for $16. However, in the winter, I switch gears a bit and use the SMASHBOX Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer, also $16.00.

This primer not only keeps my skin from feeling dry, but it also does not make my skin feel oily, while also keeping my oil at bay, if that makes any sense. It really does it all. I used it before applying makeup, but it can also be used by itself for a flawless, clean finish.

Night Routine

STEP 1: Wash your face

Again, using your favorite gentle face soap.


STEP 2: Face Oil

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My final, and most vital, night step is applying Sunday Riley’s Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil (U.F.O). This oil is for the management and prevention of acne and blackheads. It contains 1.5% salicylic acid.

Life. Saver. This beaut really scared me at first. It is an emerald green color, looks like olive oil, and smells different than anything I had ever used. But, the reviews and hype from beauty vloggers as well as reviews from customers on the Sephora website had me intrigued enough to buy it.

It is strange to think that an oily product will leave your skin with less acne, less blackheads, and less oily, but this product really does hold its own. Although it is pricey, believe me when I say it’s worth it. I bought the 1.18 OZ bottle at Sephora (shocker, I know) for $80. But DON’T PANIC! If you aren’t ready to commit completely, there is also a .5 OZ size that retails for $40.



This is literally all you need to arm yourself from winter, oily, acne prone skin.


Check out my top 3 foundations that target oily, dry, and combination skin!

xxoo Taylor

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