Fiesta Fashion & Cancun

Hi loves!

This school year teaching my little PreK kiddos just recently came to an end on Friday and I didn’t waste anytime getting out of Chicago. If you follow me on Instagram @Vipham_Inspired_Patterns, then you know that I flew south to Cancun, Mexico.

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Prior to vacay, I cleaned out my wardrobe, which meant I now had space for a few new outfits! So naturally I spend 2 months searching for the perfect Cancun pieces.

Keep reading to see what I picked up at my favorite places to shop on a budget!

Recently I have been drawn to stripes, and what could be more perfect than stripes during Memorial Day weekend and nautical fashion?

|Necklace| Target
|Purse| Target
|Bodysuit| Discovery (designed by Heart & Hips)
|Pants| TJMaxx (designed by Carolina Belle)
|Shoes| DSW

Jumpsuits are such easy fashion pieces because you don’t have to worry about matching a top to a pair of bottoms. I really do not crown myself as the most fashionable person. I have to work hard at it and I’ve learned as I’ve continued to try different statements. This is why I love jumpsuits. They are so simple, but yet always look like I tried harder than I did.

|Jumpsuit| TJMaxx (designed by Sienna Sky)
|Shoes| DSW

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