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How to Stay Blonde

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Hi loves!

Where are my blondies? Us girls know how much of an upkeep blonde hair is. Either you have super dark roots, if you get your hair highlighted like me, or your hair turns into a brassy orange color (YUCK). I have been highlighting my hair in preparation for the summer and I’m going to share with you the tips and tricks I have used to keep my hair looking blonde well after I have walked out of my salon.

I also included a little affordable fashion at the bottom of this post

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1. Bayalage

A lot of girls don’t go blonde because it’s so damaging to your hair. All that bleach literally fries your strands. Therefore, its recommended to not get touchups too frequently in order to maintain those healthy locks. I have my hair done with a balayage technique. This technique (as stated by google dictionary) is when “the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.” This technique is trending right now because as your hair grows out, there is no defined zebra stripe of light and dark hair. And, because the growth looks so natural, this means less touch ups! Voila! Healthy, gorgeous hair that you don’t have to go spend more money on 3 months later.

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2. Tinted Shampoo and Conditioner

Using a tinted shampoo and conditioner has done wonders to my hair. I have almost finished my bottle of Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner and have been loving the results! I got these two products from Sally Beauty Supply for only $12.99 each. The color of this line is literally purple. Im not talking, a tinge of color, I’m talking full on, no mistaken it, PURPLE!When using purple shampoo and conditioner, our hair absorbs some of the purple pigment thus canceling out the red and yellow undertones, or brassiness. There is also a bit of shimmer in this shampoo and conditioner (hence the name “Shimmer Lights”).

I usually wash my hair normally with the shampoo. With the conditioner, I apply it gently to my hair, avoiding the roots, and let it sit for a couple minutes (usually while I wash my body or shave my legs). Then I rinse it out REALLY WELL. If not rinsed out well enough, your hair holds onto some pigment making it a little purple.

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3. Repair

Even though you don’t need to go in for touchups as often, your hair still may become a bit damaged from even your first appointment. This is why I use my RUSK Deep Shine Platinum Repair Treatment. I got mine from TJMaxx, but I found that they also sell them on Amazon so I included the link for you all above.

I use this product about 2-3 times a week. After shampooing and conditioning, apply throughout hair, using sparingly in the roots, and let sit for about 5 minutes. If applied in the roots, then your hair will not have as much volume and will feel heavier once styled. Rinse very well and dry.

What I’m wearing |click here to check out my fashion page

Sorry, but for the life of me could not find the necklace or rings online 😦

  • Bathing suit |Target|
  • Pineapple necklace |H&M|
  • Silver rings |H&M|

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XXOO Taylor

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