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Hi loves!

I am preparing to escape this insanely cold weather and packing my bags for a wedding in beautiful Jamaica!

I would like to think I’m a bit of a seasoned traveler as I have traveled my entire life— family vacations, destination weddings, and just because why not?!

I am notorious for over packing. Maybe it’s my anxiety, but I am ALWAYS worried about forgetting something when packing for a trip. I rationalize the silliest reasons as to why I need to bring 5 books when, in reality, I haven’t finished the one I started 2 months ago. Or why I must bring 5 floppy hats depending on my mood any given day.

This is why I have created some tips, tricks, and a printable for you all to use in order to relieve some of these crazy over packing compulsions us girls have.

1. Use a Checklist

This is where we go wrong– we start piling all of the cutest outfits we have into our suitcase, and then realize we forgot the basic necessities… like deodorant or toothpaste (ew). I put together this checklist baised off of my experience traveling as well as some bits here and there that I found online. Once you have a list, STICK TO IT!


Click the link to save and print ↓
International Travel Checklist

2. Plan Outfits

Instead of just compiling all of the cutest skirts and blouses you have, put together styles! This is easier if you have an itinerary because then you know exactly where you will be and what you will be doing each day. My trip to Jamaica this coming weekend is pretty planned out because I am attending a wedding, so I know that I will be needing the following items based on my 4 day trip—

2 plane outfits
4 daytime outfits
3 dress/ nighttime outfits

Now the most difficult part… sticking to it!

When putting together my outfits, I like to make each outfit completely different. That way, I am able to mix and match to create an entirely new look incase I am in need of another outfit.

Plane Outfits



Daytime Outfits



Nighttime Outfits


4. Pack Smart

There is an art to packing a suitcase in order to create the most space possible.

By rolling your clothes you can double the space in your suitcase! It really is a game changer guys. This however does NOT mean that if you have extra space, pack more unnecessary clothes. No. It is almost inevitable that you will want to buy a trinket while on your trip. This is what the extra space is for!

3. Packing Toiletries

I am obsessed with makeup. It is very difficult for me to only select a few products. When packing makeup, I ask myself these 3 questions…


Will it last me all day?
Does it match at least half of my outfits?
Will it not break in a suitcase?


If you answer no to any of these questions, guess what… buhbye!

I tend to mostly wear brown eyeshadow which matches almost any outfit so this is my go to shade for traveling. When picking one of the 20 mascaras I have, I grab the one that is the longest lasting.

As for foundation, choose one that is made for oily skin– matte foundations are great for warm weather because they don’t make your face look oily under the hot sun. Matte foundations also tend to wear longer than dewy ones. No need for a full-coverage, that face will be glowing from all the sun and vitamin D you are getting while laying on the beach sipping a piná colada.

4. Packing a Carry-On

A carry on should hold only necessities that you can’t live without in a 4 to however many hour flight time. Using the checklist, I make sure to pack all of the items under necessities and carry on. If you are always hungry or have a sweettooth like me, you may want to bring some snacks too!

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